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Are you considering a cost-effective die casting project? Working with Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd – a specialty aluminum die casting services supplier is the right choice. With over 15 years of experience in metal casting and mold making, we are capable to assist our customers including engineers and designers to bring their aluminum die casting design to a real product that meets or exceeds their expectations, while maintaining the economy of the casting supplies at the same time. Advanced manufacturing equipment and measuring devices are fully equipped at our casting foundry to enable us to always supply high-quality aluminum die casting parts, zinc die casting parts, metal molds, and casts with competitive prices, innovative design, flexible service, quality assurance, and short delivery time. Our professional technicians and operators will seriously complete each step throughout the production and testing process, to ensure each aluminum die casting product functions normally and can last a long time.

Why Choose Junying Aluminum Die Casting Services

  • ISO Certification: We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified China aluminum die casting manufacturer that proficient in making molds for casting aluminum products and alloy die casting.
  • Quality Control: We use a quality assurance checklist for all of our products to effectively track, examine, and verify whether the produced aluminum castings meet the necessary standards and requirements.
  • Broad Applications: Our precise aluminum casting parts and mouldings serve lots of critical industries and leading companies.
  • Plant and Facilities: We have a large aluminum casting factory with die casting manufacturing machinery and up-to-date measuring instruments.
  • OEM Capacity: If you need custom aluminum castings with specific configurations, our aluminum casting service can realize your complex designs.
  • High Productivity: reliable raw material supplies and a team of trained staff enable aluminum die casting parts to be manufactured with high efficiency within the promised period.
  • Low Cost: due to the aluminum is an economical metal casting option and our cost control on the process, our aluminum casting parts at lower prices than other aluminum castings manufacturers.

Capacities of Junying Aluminum Die Casting Service

As one of the leading aluminum casting companies in China, Junying always focus on improving our process and capability, our aluminum die casting plant invested top-line equipment and employs advanced technologies to offer superior quality, precision, consistency and productivity.

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Products aluminum cable clamps, cable clips, OEM aluminum die casting parts
Materials aluminum alloys 360.0, 380.0, ADC2, ENAC-44300, etc.
Technologies hot chamber die casting, high pressure die casting
Finishes Sand Blasting, Polishing, Spray painting, Pad Printing, Colour Electrophoresis, Mirror Finishing, Silk-Screen Printing, Oxidation
Sizes up to 30cm x 30cm
Machine up to 300 tons
Industries Electronics, Defence, Communications, Medical, Marine, Lighting, Furniture, High Security Locks and General Engineering

What is Aluminum Die Casting?

Aluminum die casting is a metal casting process through which forcing molten aluminum alloy under high pressure into a mould cavity. The basic operation of aluminium die casting is to fill a mold with liquid metal and press it into the designed geometry. Everything begins with the mold cavity, which is created using two steel dies that have been machined into shape. Aluminum alloy die casting is precision and reliable process that allows the metal to be cast and molded into the desired shapes in a safe way, which is widely applied in metal forming as the choice of most industrial projects requires metal components.

How Does Aluminum Die Casting Work?

The casting aluminum process applies a steel mold for the production of a large number of castings in rapid succession. The mould or die can be divided into two sections that mounted securely in the machine, one of them are moveable while another part is stationary. In the beginning, two die halves are clamped together tightly by the die casting machine. Then inject the molten aluminum into the mould cavity, where it hardens rapidly. After the aluminum alloy castings become solidified, separate from the mold halves, and the casting is ejected. The complexity of mold design is according to the desired aluminum casting parts, simple or complex metal castings can be made with Junying aluminum casting service.

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