Metal Sandblasting Services – Junying Sandblasting Surface Treatment for Alloy

At Junying Die Casting Company, not only we offer professional die casting services, but also you can enjoy one-stop service involves a wide selection surface treatment like sandblasting services. We can apply sandblasting surface treatment to clean aluminum castings, trained and skilled sandblasting technicians at our factory will execute the operation safely and efficiently, to deliver the metal die cast products with the best surface quality. Junying supplies a number of other surface finishing techniques and cleaning services, our professionals will consult with your team and determine which type of sandblasting service is right for your project based on the die casting parts before the blasting process, to ensure the final aluminum products is consistent with your requirements.

Why Choose Our Metal Sandblasting Services

  • Target the specific treatment areas on metal parts
  • Years of experiences on different surface treatment methods
  • Completely follow the safety guidelines and technical standards
  • Custom surface texture on die casting parts based on your needs
  • Performance-engineered abrasive particles

Details of Our Sandblasting Service

Material ADC11 aluminum alloy, other aluminum grades
Aluminum sandblasting media glass beads, sodium bicarbonate, or walnut shells
First Layer Processing grinding wheel
Second Layer Processing sand blasting oil coating
Applications electronics, lock parts, furniture, communications, equipment, etc.

What is Sand Blasting?

Sand Blasting, also known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting, is a process of applying high pressure to push solid particles across the object surface at high speed to alter the surface roughness. The machine to complete sandblasting operation is the sandblaster, which shooting a stream of abrasive material by a centrifugal wheel or pressurized fluid like compressed air and propelling it through the area need to be treated. The materials can be sandblasted including aluminum, brass, silver, wood, stone, glass, and other metals.

How Does Sand Blasting Work?

A sandblasting system basically composed of the air source, sandblasting cabinet, the dust collector and the blasting media. The abrasive material used in sandblasting is referred to as blast media, typically including silica sand, garnet, crushed nut shells or fruit kernels, corn starch, wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, dry ice, steel shot, steel grit, stainless steel shot, cut wire, copper shot, zinc shot, process byproducts, etc. The air source is usually a bottle gas or air compressor, the sandblasting cabinet is used to hold the product being blasted, and the dust collector clear off dust from the cabinet. How sandblasting is carried out? The process of sandblasting can be simplified as: open door -> put object to be blasted -> close door -> turn on the power -> wear gloves -> grab the blast gun and step on the foot pedal -> sandblasting the surface -> blow-off item with nozzle -> check if the product is blasted as required -> repeat blasting process if any zone needs -> open door -> take off the object.

Advantages of Sandblasting

Sandblasting process is an effective method to clean the dirt, paint, rust, oxidation residue and other contaminants on the hard surface, as well as improve the condition and properties of a metal casting part.

  • Remove the deposits and contaminants on different surfaces very quickly
  • A variety of materials can be sandblasted
  • Can achieve a particular surface texture
  • Make preparation for adhesion, bonding, insert molding, painting, etc.
  • Eliminate burrs or edge profiling on die cast components