Die Casting Cable Clamps

Want to find a manufacturer of affordable and quality electrical cable clamp? Junying is a reliable partner for you. We have more than 10 years of experience in connectors and cable clamps production with aluminum casting service and hot chamber die casting, here is our product display of some die casting cable clips/clamps, whether you need circular connectors, straight cable clamp, bushing cable clamp, electrical cable clamp or other custom connectors, please feel free to send your inquiry to us, we’ ll try our best to provide a satisfying solution.

Connectivity cable clamp directly affects the normal operation of the equipment, so the selection of cable clamps is very important. Junying (Diecasting-mould.com) is a top metal castings manufacturer and precision hardware supplier, with extensive experiences in aluminum alloy die casting, zinc alloy die casting, and CNC machining, we are capable to complete mass production of custom die casting cable clamps in high speed and on-time delivery, we have deep and friendly cooperation with lots of telecommunication cable companies and machine equipment companies in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. More than 100 sets of circular connector clamps are exported to our customers worldwide. Die-cast cable clips are an important customization project at Junying. In the production of connector parts, we attach great importance to quality management, especially the aluminum alloy material, during the aluminum die casting process, we uses A380 aluminum alloy with material certification. The defects of aluminum castings will affect the life of connectors, we’ll strict control each step in the process and optimized the problems. The aluminum and zinc circular connector clamp will have an important structure, which is the thread. The size of the thread is very important, and it is very difficult to detect in batch. If the threaded connector is too loose, it will fall off due to the long-term vibration of the machine. We customize different thread plug gauge to control the tightness of connector parts after electroplating.

Die Casting Cable Clam